What if I am not in Shape or Can't Dance?



What Do I Wear?

No dancing experience is necessary and we will build your strength and fitness in our classes which include a strength conditioning component.  An open mind and positive mind set is all you need! 




  • Pole Students:  A sports bra and tank top combination work well for pole.  Please wear or bring shorts with you as you need your skin to stick to the pole.  Please do not wear jewelry as it can scratch the poles or get in the way of your movement. Please do not apply hand or body lotion for at least 6 hours prior to attending a class.  We do not require our students to wear any shoes for classes and do not recommend heels for beginners unless you are comfortable dancing in them already.  
  • Aerial Students:  A sports bra and a form fitting top that covers your armpits work well for aerials and long leggings are best for aerials classes.  

What to Expect

Expect to feel exhilarated when you accomplish your first set of skills you never expected to be able to do.  Expect to feel muscular soreness after participating in most of our class formats.  You will be using muscles you may not usually work and in a way that you typically don't use them.  You may also experience some minor bruising from friction from the apparatus or pole or from learning new moves.  

How Do I Register?





Do you offer any discounts?


How long will it take me to learn advanced level tricks?

You can register for classes for any of our locations over the phone or you can use our online booking links to reserve your spot in classes.  Reservations must be made in advance to ensure we have space for you, our studios operate a strict one person per pole policy so please don't show up because if the class is full we will not be able to accommodate you. Due to the limited number of poles, reservations must be paid for in advance as well.


We offer discounts for full time students (those able to show a roster of 12 credits or more) can receive 10% off all memberships 

Everyone's journey in aerials/pole and acro are different, so we don't have an answer for that question.  How quickly you progress is up to you.  We have a progressive curriculum and students need to formally test out of each skill level before moving on to the next more advanced level.  Pole levels go from beginner (level 1) to level 4 (advanced) and aerials has beginner/intermediate and advanced levels.  The most important consideration here is safety of our students as each level completed provides the foundation for more difficult moves in the next level, we need to be 100% confident that you are safe to move up before we will let you. Please be aware that it is totally normal for students to remain in levels for more than one session.  If you do not move up at the end of a session please don't be disheartened, the worst thing we could do is put you into a level we know you wont feel confident in and where you won't achieve your goals.