fIRST tIME Doing Pole or Aerials?

If you have never been to an Awakenings class, be sure to take advantage of our new student specials!  Just choose which option best suits you, click to purchase and then register for your classes.  If you would like to set up an appointment to speak to someone in person, please call us! 


Philadelphia:   Enroll below in our 6 Week Beginner Series Deal!  We are offering 6 week beginner series in pole and aerials classes for only $139.  This deal also includes 3 complimentary additional open enrollment classes (pole, aerials, acro, heels, etc. ) during your 6 weeks.  This deal is a discount over 50% off of our normal pricing with no contract commitment!  You just need to enroll in either our pole or aerial series according to what works with your schedule for 6 weeks. 


New Orleans:  Click Here to get One Month of Unlimited Classes for only $100

This is the best value deal for getting started with Awakenings.  You can take any class that is appropriate for your skill level and that is not a special workshop or series.  Try them all out: Acro, Aerial Yoga, Aerials, Pole classes, etc. for one month.  Figure out which classes you are more drawn to and how many classes you can take a week moving forward before committing to a membership or class card. 


Philadelphia Locations Click Here to purchase One Trial Class for only $20  

New Orleans Location Click Here to purchase a Two Classes for $25 deal. 
New Orleans Location
Click Here to purchase Five Classes for $55 deal.

If you feel you only need one class to decide which membership or class card to move forward with, this is a great deal for trying out any of our classes.  Remember, after doing a trial class, you will not be eligible for the one month unlimited membership for $100 deal. 


If this is your first time coming to a pole or aerials class, you may be feeling a bit nervous. You are not alone! Many brand new students feel intimidated and self-conscious the first time they set foot in the studio. It is important to keep in mind that skill and confidence are things you will learn in class and that almost no one starts out with them! Many Awakenings classes are divided by level to ensure the safety and comfort of our students.

For more information about what to wear or bring to class, please check out our FAQ.

Choosing Your Classes

Awakenings offers so many different formats, it can be hard to know where to begin! For brand new students we often recommend taking advantage our first month unlimited class special so that you can get a better idea of which formats suit your personal tastes and physical needs.  Try a few different formats to find the ones that challenge and inspire you the most!
As with any form of fitness, we recommend that students try to commit to one or two formats for a minimum of 8 weeks in order to really see results. We also encourage supplementing skills classes with the occasional conditioning or stretching class to better round out their fitness training.