Welcome Groupon Goddesses

Welcome Groupon Goddesses!

Congratulations on being super smart and snagging one of the best deals in town.  We can’t wait to introduce you to our signature pole and aerial classes and want to make it easy for you to redeem your voucher.

Our Level 1/2 Pole Dance Classes are designed for students with no experience with pole dance and our Beginner Aerials classes are for new aerial students.

Our classes are designed with a focus on safety and fitness via a unique and progressive curriculum.  Groupon students may take the following classes with the 5 or 10 class card deals:

Level 1/2 (Beginner) Pole Classes (non-series)

All levels Pole Classes

Beginner Aerials Class (non-series).

For these classes, we do have a four hour cancellation window.  If you do not cancel within the four hours before the class or fail to show up, you will have to pay a $15 late cancel fee before you are allowed to participate in any future classes.

Ready to sign up? Great make sure you have your Groupon voucher barcode number handy and fill out the form below to create an account.  After you have created an account we will validate your groupon and add your classes to your account within 24 hours.  Your classes are NOT added automatically.  After we have added your class package to your account, you can begin scheduling your classes by going to the class schedule tab on the web site and following the prompts. 

All classes must be reserved and cancelled online we do not accept IN-PERSON or PHONE registrations/cancellations.  

Wondering what you should wear or bring for class?  We encourage you to wear shorts as the exposed skin will help you “stick” to the pole.  We do not require any special shoe wear and most students prefer to dance barefoot.  

We can’t wait to dance with you!!